SF Medical Marijuana Community Holds Mock Funeral for Shuttered Dispensaries

John Dennis at Pro Marijuana Demonstration

By Luke Thomas, Fog City Journal

August 2, 2012

A coalition of many as 200 medical cannabis community members staged a New Orleans-styled mock funeral Wednesday to protest the Obama administration’s forced shuttering of San Francisco dispensaries.
John Dennis, a libertarian Republican who is running for the Eighth Congressional District seat against incumbent Nancy Pelosi in November, and who was denied an opportunity to speak at the rally in support of medical marijuana, told FCJ, “I am here to support people who want access to safe medicine. It’s that simple.”

“There are all sort of fundamental issues tied up in this,” Dennis added. “There are states rights issues, individual rights issues and property rights issues – all pushed over by federal thugs. They want to impose their values on sick people in San Francisco. It’s a disgrace.”

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